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SugarHouse Awning has been Utah’s authority on awnings, boat covers, and canvas products for over 75 years.

A family-owned company, Sugar House Awning has been a part of the Utah community through multiple wars, economic up’s and down’s, and decades of population expansion.

SugarHouse Awning still stands by the same principles that made it successful over 75 years ago. Custom making the best product as possible, while providing an exceptional customer experience. Visit them online at

Sugar House Awning

SugarHouse Awning - Utah

Americraft Sign Co

Americraft Sign co

Americraft Sign Co. LLC started in August of 2001 mostly by accident. Founder, Tres Service (yes that is his real name) stepped away from another job unexpectedly and found himself in a precarious situation. Not only was he now un-employed, his wife had just had their 2nd child 1 week before. Desperate he asked his wife what she thought and she told him “I have faith in you and god and that whatever you decide will workout”

Never having ever thought about starting his own business he took that leap of faith and spent the last $2000 they had on a vinyl plotter and some materials. He then created some black and white flyers that he printed off his own printer and went at night and stuck them in doors of businesses around him.

He printed a total of 100 flyers. Of those 100 flyers he got 3 calls. Those 3 calls kept him in business for the next 8 months because of the referrals generated from those 3 calls.

Today Americraft Sign Co. LLC does more than just signs, but he kept the name. What started as a leap of faith has turned into a huge blessing for him and his family. Americraft Employs 7 people and offers a variety of products for all kinds of people and businesses.

Americraft Sign Co. LLC is known for quality and price. Our main source of business still comes from referrals from other businesses we have done work for and is known for working with everyone….if you need something done and we can’t do it in house, we will figure out who can for you…if you’re working with a budget we can help you stay in budget and usually get a product better than expected.

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One Taste and It’s a Tradition.

Iceberg Drive Inn has been a family tradition for over 55 years. Famous for our Thick Shakes, Fries and Hand Breaded Onion Rings, but also serving fresh cooked hamburgers, sandwiches and other unique food items. Visit our locations throughout Utah, Arizona and California. One taste and it’s a tradition!
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Iceberg Drive Inn

Real Salt Lake

Real Salt Lake is in the House!

Real Salt Lake with be on our tournament fields. More info to come on what they will bring with them! In past years, we’ve had Tony Beltran on site to sign autographs and take photos.

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